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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Project for fans around the world!

The fans of the Jonas Brothers around the world are to meet in a project entitled: “The fans around the world come together for the Jonas Brothers” which consist of recording a short video representing each country.
We ask your help for this project to expand and succeed in capturing their attention to them that there are fans around the world.
Each fan send a video, saying in his/her language(s), the sentence: I am from (country) and I love THE JONAS BROTHERS in case of an individual video. WE ARE IN (the country) and love THE JONAS BROTHERS if they are in groups.
To participate send an email to jonasprojects@hotmail.com where to attach the video, which should take between 10 to 15 seconds, it must have something to show you that country (eg. a banner, trademark, or t-shirt) and also something of Jonas (your apparel, photos, etc). Not to apply effects in the video.
Along with the video in the email must contain your name, age, name of country and city and email. OR in case of being in a group, the names, ages, and the email’s country.
For more information visit the site http://jonasprojects.webnode.com/
Thank you for your cooperation.

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