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Hey there, Nick J Fans! :)
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Read please.

Hey guys! Megan over here.
Sorry for some inconvenience. :(
I couldn't post the videos 'cause I have to fix something, but I got that covered already. So, on the next video it will be posted here. And I haven't posted new JB pics. But, promise, we will! :D we will let you know if we posted them already. Just hang in there. To get few Nick J pics, click the picture under "Nick's Gallery." Some of them are old but, it's still hot. :)

I'm busy nowadays. But, when I'm not here to update, Jade, Sana, or Emma will takeover :D (Follow them on Twitter. Click the link under "About Us.")

So, yeahh. Sorry again.

Much JB love,
Megan :]

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